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1959 - 2019

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Celebrating Our 60th Anniversay

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The Tri-Council of FFGC hosted the FFGC Board Dinner on January 11. The Board Meeting adjourned early for social time followed by a program by Lisa Roberts, Director of Florida Wildflower Foundation. She spoke on the FFGC Legacy and partnership with FWF. It was FFGC members and FDOT who helped to make the State Wildflower license plate available. Since 2000 almost $4 million in tag donations have supported projects that build awareness and knowledge of native wildflowers and plants, and their role in Florida’s ecosystems. With donations made from the sale of each State Wildflower plate, the Foundation funds research, education and planting projects statewide. The organization’s latest educational tool is the release of a 139-page “Wild About Wildflowers” Classroom Activity Guide for Florida’s 3rd & 4th grade students. It is available on line, for use by teachers and youth leaders. An Earth Steward recognition was given to Lisa for her dedication to our environment. A dinner and fellowship followed the program.

Carolyn Schaag, Former FFGC President and Tri-Council President, serves as FFGC Liaison to FWF and helped to found the organization. She has served on the Wildflower Board for over 17 years.


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